Why Choose Ocean Transportation Over Other Means Of Transportation

If you are planning to send international cargo, ocean freight shipping is the only option that provides transportation of goods at economical prices. Ocean freight transportation is the oldest form of transportation because most of our planet is covered by oceans. It is a well-known fact that over 90 percent of international transportation in the world is carried through waterways by international shipping companies.

If you are willing to ship boxes to London then transportation through waterways is your best bet. There are alternative ways of transportation available for the transporters like rail, air, and road transportation.

In this blog, we are going to discuss why a transporter should opt for ocean transportation over other mediums and how it can help in your businesses.

Let's discuss the Benefits offered by ocean transport that you can reap by shipping your packages to other countries.

  • Cost-Effective: If you are planning to send your goods outside the country, look no further than ocean transport as shippers offer their services at cost-efficient prices. Sending goods through waterways is even more economical if you talk about sending shipments over long distances. Stats show that transportation through oceans is four to six times less expensive than sending goods by air. Thus, we can say that ocean transportation is the cheapest option available for you to ship boxes to London. On the other hand, sending goods by air might result in early delivery but is very costly compared to ocean transportation.


  • Capable Of Moving High Volumes Efficiently: You don’t have to bother about the size of the parcel while shipping through ocean transport because most of the shipping companies in the industry are good enough to accommodate your shipment regardless of the size. Small packages get grouped with other shipments to fill a container that allows cost-sharing of the transportation service. Large cargo can load one or more cargo offer shippers bulk discount offers. So the size of your shipment does not matter as modern-day ships are designed to carry a large number of goods without a hiccup.


  • Easy Shipping of Heavy Machinery: a key advantage of shipping through waterways is that it can easily handle any sort of bulky cargo. Cargos like heavy machinery, large vehicles, construction material, and many more are too heavy for air or road freight. On the other hand, these oversized and heavy cargos are not a problem with many shipping vessels. So if you are looking to ship boxes to London, ocean transportation is the best option for you.


  • Cargo Security: modern-day ships are designed to carry hazardous materials and dangerous cargo with complete security. These days shipping industry is pretty well capable of handling unsafe materials. Shipping companies have regulations in place to ensure the safety of vessels during the transportation of heavy and dangerous materials. Cargo loss during transportation has decreased significantly in the last decade. Shipping containers are locked during the transportation process to ensure complete security of the shipment.  So you don’t have to worry regarding cargo security while using ocean transportation.

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